Corporate Address

222 Lakeview Avenue – Suite 200
West Palm Beach, Florida 33401



Any interested party (not just a shareholder) may contact an individual trustee, the Board of Trustees as a Group, or a specified committee of the Board or group, including the non-employee trustees as a group, by filling out and submitting the form below or at the following address:

Corporate Secretary 
Chatham Lodging Trust 
222 Lakeview Avenue 
Suite 200
West Palm Beach 
FL 33401

Attn: Board of Trustees Or the Relevant Individual Trustee, or specified Committee or Non-Employee Group of the Board of Trustees.

The Company will receive and process communications before forwarding them to the addressee. Trustees generally will not be forwarded communications that are primarily commercial in nature, relate to improper or relevant topics, or request general information about the Company.